Saturday, March 6, 2010

          Pretty in Pink

The Pink House Antiques sale was a celebration of creative people coming together to sell their latest creations.

This is Darla, who is always on the cutting edge, wearing one of her latest crown. 

Her bottles are the best I've seen.

Glamour girl Sherry, came and brought some of her fabulousness!

Lucy and Tony from Paris Flea Market came and brought their dog, Winston.

Jeanne, Renee and I

 worked hard

pulling it all together.

A few of our loyal friends stopped by.

Alexa and Colleen


 Beth, who shares my love

 for Audrey, came for a

visit as well.

 She is an editor for

several magazines,

 including Jewelry Affaire,

 which is coming out soon.

We also met some new friends.
Being across the street from the beach in a bright pink house, you never know who will stop by.

It is always so rejuvenating being around creative and supportive people.

Thank you Jeanne and Sweetpea!!!


  1. That does really look as if it was fun and right up my alley! Glad it was a success!
    Have a good Sunday.
    Take care, Laura

  2. Your photos are just beautiful. It looks a fun time was had by all!

  3. Looks like it was a great sale! I loved the bears they are so cute. Thanks for shareing the beautiful pics. Julian

  4. I wish I could have come! It looks like it was such fun. The pink house is so special. Come for a visit.


  5. Seriously, amazing pics Sandra. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  6. Great pics Sandra! I had a blast...never a dull moment at the PINK House ;) I can hardly wait for our next sale!


  7. I love your blog the way I know "Lucy from Paris Flea Market" and her Friend is a friend of mine as well "Sheri4sure"
    I will be keeping my eyes on your site, keep on inspiring.