Tuesday, February 16, 2010

March`e aux puces avec Jeannie

This past Sunday, I went

to the Rose Bowl with my

 dear friend Jeannie.

 She is a master at finding

beautiful French Antiques.

 I always have fun when

 I'm with Jeannie, and this

 was no exception.

 I brought home some

fabulous things.

 All French of course!!!

And now the hard part,

what do I sell? What do I


Au revoir,



  1. It looks like you got some really great treasures. I've never been to the Rose Bowl. Even when I lived up in West Hollywood, I never managed to make it. One of these days...

    I'm sure you'll figure out which to keep and which to sell. You can always keep everything for now and sell it later, when you find some more cool stuff!


  2. I see the top of that bottle something SOLDERED! See you Saturday. Ciao Rita mammabellarte
    P.S. never been to the Rose Bowl and many more lol

  3. Man that would be a hard choice!! I think that's why I haven't started selling anything. I can never part with the Treasures I come across!!

  4. keep it all or sell it all to me????!!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    You certainly scored at the Rose Bowl this past weekend! I used to go all of the time until I moved to Northern California 8 months ago. Another of my favorite flea markets is the Long Beach at Veterans Stadium. I have been going through flea market withdrawl since I moved. There is nothing close to me unless I want to drive further North to San Francisco. I will probably do that once the weather gets warmer. Anyway I am so envious of your finds. If you decide to sell your bottle rack, let me know, I'm certainly interested.
    Alabaster Rose Designs
    15 Bella Vie

  6. Hi Sandra, The collection of treasures are wonderful but a difficult decision to figure out what you will sell. I luv the urn, I think I have a place for that on my terrace. You did find some beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing. Julian

  7. Beautiful finds. Now that is the most dificult part and I know it which treasue are you going to keep